How To Handle The “It Costs Too Much” Objection with Proper Timing!

Young business woman presentation on white background

Young business woman presentation on white background

When someone says it costs too much, what they are saying is “I don’t see the value in that.”

They are comparing the price and the value of the product. It just doesn’t work for them.
Value is what they want and what they will get. Price is what they have to give up in order to get it. In order to seal the deal, you must show your customers that you are offering more value than the price.
If they say it costs too much, you should wonder in your mind, “It costs too much compared to what?” Determine what is important to them. Understand the reasons your customers don’t see value in your product so you can create that value to convert them into customers.
Value always has a monetary component to it. In sales, always highlight the value of your product or service to decrease the focus and importance of price.
NOTE: Being a good listener comes from knowing what to be curious about.
You can teach many people how to be better listeners but it won’t make them better listeners, it will only make them better at understanding better listeners.
Jim Cathcart
What makes a person a great listener is having the intense desire to hear what’s been said. Be a good listener increasing the need to hear and reason to listen. Also, if you want people to listen to you, focus on increasing their desire to hear what you are going to say.
TIMING: When to Ask for The Order
Do you know when to ask for the order? Wait! The customer will tell you. People teach you how to deal with them. You can tell from how they respond to what they are looking for.
Be aware of your customer’s body language and responses to understand if you are connecting with them. Therefore, if you want to get to listen to what you think they ought to be listening to, then you better start listening to what they think you ought to be listening to.
Customers give you buying signals. Anything a customer says or does that indicates a shift from considering a purchase to owning the product or service. Haven made a decision.
In other words, a customer is ready to purchase when they change their language from asking, “what if” questions to using ownership language such as, “So, when I am using this product…”
You can say something like “Why don’t we get started? All I need is your Okay on this.” or “The best way to get started is…”
KNOW THIS: It is likely that a customer is considering your product if they make a sudden change in behavior to make a physical contact with the item you are selling.

How Expensive Is Getting A Good Retirement Advice?

RetirementAccording to a recent survey, 63% of those who have never consulted an investing advisor put it off because they think they need thousands of dollars already saved just to schedule an appointment. More than half of these people believe that an advisor’s services will definitely cost more than they can afford. Have you ever heard someone say, “You can’t afford it if you have to ask how much it costs.” Perhaps, they were just referring to some over-the-top pricey piece of property or filthy rich company guy.

Sadly, many people do believe that expression does apply to an investment advice.

Wealthy investors shouldn’t only be the ones to take advantage of a personalized investment advice. The middle and lower class should too. There is always great advice available, no matter how much you have saved up or how much you have to invest, but one must know where to look.

Myth Debunker: “We Always Need to have our Checkbook Ready In Order to Get an Appointment With an Investment Professional”

Surprisingly, only a few people believe that the price of entry to simply meet with a financial advisor is not out of reach but some financial advisors may require their clients to be five- or six-figure earners before they’ll do business with them. It’s easy to assume that you can build up a subtantial balance to the level of advisory worthiness. Most people usually do not even have $30,000 saved up for retirement because you do need at least 10 times your income to save up for retirement. So states the 10/20 Rule.

The amount of money people assume they need to work with an investment advisor isn’t the reality of it. Truly, several Robo-advisors i.e. Automated Online Investing Services often require large initial investments or have high minimum balance requirements.

When talking about computer-generated investing advice, it seems like a lot to ask for but people with larger accounts could generate more money. Therefore, if you’re a business focused on the top-earners, you’ll only do business with clients with big balances.

Not all Client-focused advisors are mythical “We don’t have a minimum balance requirement,” Chadd Hoeft, an investment advisor in Nebraska, said. “We think if a couple or individual can only afford to invest the minimum amount for a Roth IRA—or less than that—we want to educate them and get them going in the right direction so they get off to a great start.” Therefore, not all advisors are so focused on Top-earners that they exclude investors who need a pro’s advice to begin building up their retirement accounts.

Investment Advisor Chart

Kevin and his wife have been working with Justin since 2008, learning the ins-and-outs of retirement investing. “At the time, we were only investing through our work [401(k) plans],” Kevin explained. “Mostly because we were ignorant about what we needed to do and what we could do. We simply didn’t know anything.” Education is exactly what Kevin H. (also from Nebraska) needed when he first contacted his investing advisor, Justin Widick.

“When we started, I didn’t even know that a lot of advisors had minimum balance requirements,” Kevin stated. “Since then, though, I’ve asked Justin what’s in it for him to work with smaller clients like me.

He told me that further down the line, I’ll be one of those big clients,” Kevin continued. “That’s their goal and mine. They’re building for the future as well.”

Justin stated, “Whatever someone’s retirement account balance may be, if they’re intentional about getting and working a plan, that’s fun to be a part of. Walking with them on that journey, year after year, encouraging them—it’s what we love to do.”

Myth Debunker: “The Service of an Investment Professional is not something we can Afford”

“Any time you meet with a professional, you know you’ll have to pay for their services,” Kevin said. “ However, working with an investment advisor isn’t the same as working with a lawyer where a check is written every time you meet with him. With an investment advisor, you will know what to expect before you invest. For instance, clients who choose to invest in front-loaded mutual funds should know that there is no out-of-pocket cost for working with an investing advisor. Chadd explained it this way: “If you have $100 to invest in a mutual fund, and the maximum mutual fund fee is 5.75%, then $94.25 will be invested in the mutual fund. The remaining $5.75 goes to the mutual fund company. The mutual fund company then pays our commission from a portion of that.” So unless you have chosen a fee-based arrangement with your advisor, your advisor’s time is completely FREE to you.

The reality is that more than half of the people who have never contacted an investment professional think they can’t afford to pay for the services. Advisors like my Colleagues and i truly enjoy helping new investors get started on their road to retirement but it’s also how they make their living after that determines the Success of the journey. This is where we debunk our next myth.

Kevin and his wife admits that they were initially very concerned about the costs at first. In fact, one of the first questions Kevin asked Justin when they met was about how and when he’d have to pay Justin for his Consultation.

Take the Leap with Confidence

Retirement-now“We’re investing more through our workplace plans and we’ve got IRAs we invest in through Justin,” Kevin said. “We feel more secure in our retirement outlook—much more secure than when we began and knew nothing.”

For investors like Kevin who make the leap to contact an investment professional, investing becomes a whole new experience.

Kevin’s experience lines up with surveys of other investors who work with their own investment advisors. More than a third also increased the amount of money they were setting aside for retirement, and 78% are significantly more confident in their retirement savings plan than investors who are going at it alone.

Kevin’s parting words for investors who are still on the fence about meeting with an investment advisor: “Just get started right now. It will be better than if you wait until later,” he said. “Even if you don’t begin investing now, at least you’ll have that knowledge of where you need to begin and what your options are when you are ready to invest.”

Are you looking to invest but don’t know where to find trustworthy advice? We can help you with experienced investment professionals in your area who put your needs above theirs. Stop waiting to reach advisory worthiness to start working with an advisor who wants to help you invest the right way today!

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How To Simply Become A Millionaire

To become a Millionaire has become more than a goal. This is not a gamble. No one just wakes up and VOILA! Become a Millionaire. There has to be work done. Otherwise, it would disrupt the essence of natural causes and principles. Know this, becoming a Millionaire is different from becoming Successful. You could be rich in financial and material things but you suffer from an incurable disease (probably terminal) in which money cannot buy a cure. You may not be a millionaire yet be the most joy-filled person on the planet.

Today, I want to show you duplicable steps in acquiring wealth for yourself.

  1. Ask Yourself One Question: How?
  2. Manage Your Time.
  3. Develop an Ethical Work Culture.
  4. Sit-down & Plan Your Next Step Accordingly.
  5. Study Your Competitors.
  6. You Go All the Way All the Time.

Now, let’s get right into it:

//Only the Smart Ones Can Figure This Out//


Ask Yourself One Question: How?

You and I know most of WHAT we want to have. The things we want to get. We mostly even know WHY we want to get those things like “I want to help my family.” Blah Blah Blah… We know these things. The real question is HOW to get them and you know what… The answer is in the searching. Therefore, NEVER stop searching for answers to things that matter to you.

Manage Your Time

I have had tremendous problems managing my time ever since social media became a thing. I constantly battled with this notion of knowing what other people were doing and what most of them thought of me. Let’s be honest for a second. What other people think of us doesn’t matter compared to what we think of ourselves. The problem is if we judge ourselves based on what others think of us then, we are doomed. The essence of creating value from time management is priceless. We all have 24 hours in a day yet how do most of us get ahead more than others. It’s simple. VALUED TIME!

Develop an Ethical Work Culture

This step is actually a product of well managed time. This happens when we successfully manage our time. Time is worth more than money. It is because of time that money can be made. Money is worthless without time. Think about it. Now, to create an ethical way of running your business and successfully becoming a Millionaire is another priceless venture that can catapult you into financial freedom. However, most of us cannot sacrifice money for time. We rather sacrifice time for money. In doing so, you cannot create and develop an ethical work culture and therefore, you are far from becoming a millionaire.

Sit Down & Plan Your Next Step Accordingly

I always say, “If your plan isn’t working then you’ve not starting planning.” We all need a resourceful plan. We all need a blueprint to work with. A textual mirror to reflect the goal of our endeavour but before we create this productive mirror of empowerment, we must sit down to think on what it is we really want. We must ponder on it distinctively. The word, “Accordingly” depicts a progressive mode of growth.

Study Your Competitors

Even Sam Walton was recorded to study the crap out of his competitors. He would go into their stores just to note whatever they were doing right with their products and services to their customers. His Sam’s Club store is a good example of that. You should read up on it if you want. Highly recommended. I usually say, “To win a battle, you must know your enemy more than they know themselves.” Is that even possible? Well, you make it possible. You see it as the only way to win. It’s a battle.

You Go All The Way All The Time

There will always be obstacles when something of value is been molded into shape. Most people quit even before they begin their journey to Success. The misconception is that when you have a passion and a dream, then embark on it, your journey has already begun. Nope! Your journey begins when you encounter your first obstacle. Then, you can face the moment of truth. When you decide to do something, push yourself to Go All The Way ALL THE TIME. However, it all starts with the decision. Make one today.the-millionaire

I’m done. Now, the Wheels and the Chariots to the battlefield lies with you!

Being Great and Success

10 Steps On How To Become Great and Successful

People you trust. People you respect would tell you not to try certain things. Don’t let them. It’s simply because they never had the courage to try it out. There are really people with great ideas. Ideas that change the world. There are also people with not as much great an idea. Do they have a fighting chance? Of course, they do.

Is your idea not as good as the other guy?

Do you want to become a great person in the world we live in?

Are you tied of living paycheck-to-paycheck?

Today, we’re going to address some of these issues. We want to show you steps on becoming a great man or woman.

  1. Helping People | Remarkable Products.
  2. Passion | Emotional Investment.
  3. Courage without Genius | Genius without Courage.
  4. Time Investment.
  5. Ask a Lot of Questions | Be a Great Listener | Be a Great Motivator | Looking for Best in People.
  6. Breed Ideas | Assemble the Intelligence around your ideas.
  7. Persuasion | Hardwork.
  8. Belief.
  9. Fun is a Huge Part of It.
  10. Create a Remarkable Product.
  11. Seek Criticism.

A lot of people know what to do but they don’t do what they know. If you do want to be great, you must add value to someone else’s life more than anybody else. If you want to get better at life, you must get better yourself. Empower yourself and someone else.

Now, let us get to it:


Helping others is the most important part of being Great and Successful. If you have created Remarkable products, it is so because you have a deep desire to help people. You must seek to help people more than anybody else. Nevertheless, what do we mean when we say that a product is remarkable? Simple. It is unanimously agreed upon by the majority of users to be beneficial. However, don’t be in denial if your idea to do something does not mature into a great product or service ever. You just need to work more on it.


What does it mean to have passion? It means to love something so much you’ll do it without getting paid. When you embark on this, an emotional investment is what you’ve offered. Be passionate!


Being Successful is not such a horrible thing. However, there are two things to get rid of. They are: Fear and Doubt. This is where courage comes in.
What does having courage means? It means you can embark on a journey regardless of knowing the outcome of it.
What about the “genius” part? That means that if you based your ability to succeed and be great on making the right decisions, you’re doomed. When you understand this, you’re already a genius.


Time Investment is one of the most integral part of us being great and successful. Time is a virtue as we’ve all heard countless number of times. Well, it is true esp. for the earth we all live in. Even money stands no chance. Therefore, investing in something so virtuous is most definitely rewarding and matchless. The best part is that it costs us nothing. Only a matter of decision.


If you’re looking to do great things, you must first learn from great people. How do you learn from them? Simply by asking the right people the right questions. Also, listening to them when they respond. Then, when the time comes you can impact through motivation the same ideas and insights to the individuals willing to learn from you. Most of the people we interact with or motivate tend to have issues (past) in their lives which influences them to react badly. There and then is when the result of your experiences come in. You should look out for the best in them.


As you already know, everyone has an idea but majority of people lack the ability to bring this to life. How do we do this? It is simply by surrounding ourselves with able minds and hands to breed more of these ideas to life. We must believe in this idea so deeply that others can almost perceive the brilliance of it.


We’ve all heard that there is no substitute for Hardwork. When we work hard, it’s much easier to achieve greatness. However, persuasion, on the other hand, could be a skill or an art. It could be done through variety of ways like Studying your target carefully and learning to allow them persuade themselves. Persuasion mixed with Hardwork equals Greatness.


You can tell when someone doesn’t really believe in something. They are rather unenthusiastic about it or lack the confidence to portray its importance. Ask yourself this; If you believe in something, are you willing to pay the price for it? So many people will say “Yes, of course!” but in reality they lose that battle. Learn to believe, and strongly too.


I can see why we can’t have fun doing whatever it is we do. The society we live has created this notion that ‘work’ cannot be fun. However, wealthy people think otherwise. This is why most of them officially “retire” yet keep working. This should actually be the most important of them all. Whatever you have fun doing, you can do for long periods of time and be most effective in. Science proves that happy people do work harder. However, the problem is that we haven’t found what we love yet. My advice is to keep looking until it is found because no one but us can see what we see.


This is an odd one but criticism is highly efficient to the productivity of whatever great thing you have decided to do. Ask friends and family what they think. People you trust deeply. Make sure not to be too sensitive to take in and apply their great advises. Try to decipher the antics in all the ideas given and trend with it.

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