Young Lady Born without Legs becomes Great Gymnast

Just when you think that it can’t get any better than that, you get blown off your feet. This is a story of Jennifer Bricker, a Gymast born without legs rises up to become one of the greatest people we can proudly say are heroes. She had this fascination with gymastics at a very young age without even realizing where it would lead her. Her parents abandoned her at the hospital because of her deformity and a God sent family took her in and raised her as their own. What manner of love is that?

Jennifer had this childhood idol by the name Dominique Moceanu. She was a gymnast too. It happened that this childhood idol turned out to be her blood sister. Is that coincedence or what? Some say, “Coincedence is God’s way of remaining anonymous” It may or may not be true but in this story, we learn that anything is possible.

Man Born with Head Upside Down defies Odds

This is the amazing story of Claudio Vieira de Oliveira, a thirty-seven (37) year old Brazillian man born with extreme disabilities which includes an upside-down head and a complete limitation to the use of his arms and legs.

Today, he is an Inspirational public speaker who travels the globe to speak. Doctors call his condition Congenital Arthrogryposis – a condition where a person is born with contractures or joints permanently fixed in a bent or straightened position.

These multiple joint contractures in Claudio’s legs and arms prevent him from extending them properly. The condition is seemingly thought to be associated with decreased movement or limited space in the utero, connective tissue disorders, or maternal illness which sometimes occurs as part of a genetic syndrome (according to the Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center).

In the most fascinating way, this extraordinary young man has completely changed the way we see ourselves. Claudio had never contemplated giving up on life yet most people get so tired of life that they commit suicide. How sad?!

In fact (according to the Daily Minor report), he states “Throughout my life, I was able to adapt my body to the world. Right now, I don’t see myself as being different. I am a normal person. Nowadays, it’s much easier to deal with the public, I’m not afraid of it anymore and I can say that I am a professional, international public speaker and that I receive invitations from all over the world.” How much more fascinating could it be?!

We want you to be uplifted and see that your life is not the worst there is. There are worse lives than yours out there but when you keep focusing on how terrible your life is, it sure will be TERRIBLE!

The Good Deeds of Love

This is the story of three (3) siblings; Derek, Anageli and Miladi who are respectively eight (8) years old, six (6) and eighteen (18) months old. There are children suffering and without anybody to love on them or help but this beautiful ministry called, What Matters Ministries and founded by Ivan Tait goes a long way to take in these helpless kids and feed them, even educate them to any level they choose to go. How amazingly awesome is that?! This is the kind of love story we love to tell. That of love and compassion.

These kids originally lived with parents who violently abused them. Their father worked as a professional assasin and their mother, a thief and murderer. When both parents were incarcerated for their crimes, these poor children had to move in with their grandmother and still the physical abuse did not cease.

the-three-siblingsDerek’s scared face or Anageli’s fear of strangers is now a glimpse into their past. Now, these kids are taken in and are warming up to the safe envionment which Casa Angelina and its staff provides. In fact, they are full of appetite, sweet smiles and play perfectly well with the rest of the kids. Derek is reported to spend most of his free time riding a bike he borrows from another boy. Such Beauty and Amazing Grace!

If you want to be part of their ministry, please feel free to contact their ministry

10 years old C.E.O with Severe Cerebral Palsy

Keith Boyd is a 10 year old Entrepreneur who was born with severe Cerebral Palsy but had a vision to start-up a beverage company called Keith’s Ice Cold Beverages. This kid cannot walk or talk. However, it didn’t deter him even though he has to work harder than everybody else to see his vision come through.
Keith wrote a business plan with his eyes. Yes! His eyes. As he said, “I have a dream. I have a plan. I have a purpose. What’s stopping you?” How amazing is that?! Now, let the video do the talking for Keith. We hope it changes your perspective of life and living.

Types of Business Plans


Business Plans can be used for many different scenarios such as the information that you put into it and the format you use to present it. These differ with each case. Below are the six (6) types of business plans:

1. STARTUP: We put business plans together to help flash out our venture (i.e. Value Proposition, Customer Segments, Revenue Streams). You can also use this information in pitching early investors.

2. INTERNAL: We can use business plans for internal use to evaluate a new project for the company or to increase company efforts in an existing activity. Use in this way and the plan will focus more on Cost Structures and Potential Revenues.

3. STRATEGIC: This is a very high level plan and is used mostly when communicating the big picture within our organization. For this purpose, we can leave our business model much the same way since it provides a great overall insight & vision.

4. FEASIBILITY: This is a business plan that is structured around a proposed business venture. It looks like this if there’s a need for said venture(s), whether there’s a profitable customer segment and how much revenue the company can earn. As a result, much of the focus in this plan is on the Value Proposition, Customer Segments and the Revenue Stream section of our business model.

5. OPERATIONAL: These are used to monitor key company activities. These business plans will take a detailed look at all the company’s activities along with associated costs and deadlines.

6. GROWTH: These can be both used for Internal construction and/or pitching to investors when out-looking for fun to spare this growth. The main sections to be covered here are the Cost Structures,Revenue Systems and the Customer Relationship activites

How to write a Business Plan

business-planA business plan is a document that lays out the plan for your company for the next 3-5 years. It mainly focuses on the route the company intends to take to grow it’s revenue. They are very productive to funding a capital so do NOT be too rigid. Be able to adapt.

Business plans can be used to communicate your ventures to people you want to bring into your company. It is important to understand the size of your target market, research your competitive landscape, and industry regulation.  It’s also important to have a basic idea of how you are going to reach this target market with a marketing plan and how to execute on it with a sales strategy. Do not worry about roles and hierarchy when starting a company. Let that evolve naturally.

All business, whether old or new, large or small can be broken down into Nine (9) distinct sections:

1. Customer Segments.

2. Value Propositions.

3. Channels.

4. Customer Relationships.

5. Revenue Streams/Systems.

6. Key Resources.

7. Key Activities.

8. Key Partnerships.

9. Cost Structures.



How To Build A Team For Your Business

time-to-thriveSometimes, when building a franchise, you have to go after the right players there.
You need:
1. Stars (a.k.a People who want the ball).
2. Facilitators.
All put people in positions where they can be successful. If they’re great, they can be out-front. If they’re talented, you slide them into that right slot but it’s your responsibility as the Leader to make sure that they can operate in their talent.
Place people in roles in the organization that are best suited for their unique talents and abilities.
You either be a Superstar or Get one! When your team is small, there must be multi-talented folks because they have to be able to fill a couple of different roles. Look for people who can make you great. In other words, people who can help you build something from the ground up.
A new venture needs a superstar to succeed. If you aren’t the superstar, you need to add one to the team.
You have to be very specific in understanding what you’re looking for. When you’ve found your star(s), then you can build your team around those group of people.
In your business, you have to understand that there’s going to be transitions.
Keeping someone around that isn’t getting the job done, or just isn’t a fit, keeps both your company and the individual from prospering.
Sometimes, we get blinded by family because we tend to think that some things are okay for family but not for other people.
Nepotism means Favoritism granted in politics or business to relatives.
In business matters, the mission of your business has to come first, over relationships, family ties, etc.
The best organizations, like the perennial contenders San Antonio Spurs, use people in the roles that best help the organization, not necessarily in roles that showcase every individual.
In order for your team to succeed, you have to be willing to let people go that don’t fit what you need.
A Leader always shows that the Leadership is committed to the growth of the business and that the Leadership is committed to becoming better and stronger at every turn. When you have a little bit of success, it’s very hard to duplicate that success. Needless to say, even improve on that success.
Continual growth and development within your organization must come in a systematic way from the leadership.
It is a good practice to continually evaluate where you are and to build your success.
The team with the best players wins.” – Jack Welch (Former CEO of GE)
Ongoing education is critical. Everyone needs to get better, all the time.” – David Robinson
In every circumstance, we can improve and should improve. We don’t forget what our strengths are. We keep excelling in our strengths but then we must also get better with our weaknesses.
The better i am the more value i add to the team and consequently, myself.
You can make yourself more valuable, and even indispensable, if you continue getting better at your core skills, or by adding skills to your “list” of abilities.
We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.” – Martin Luther King Jr.
Many times your ideas can be limited by your own experiences. For inspiration, read business journals, look at competition, and generally look outside yourself to spark new ideas.
If you find a system that works, you can typically apply it to your business, even if the system was intended for a different business or industry.
When people don’t follow, a lot of times it’s because they don’t know what they are supposed to be doing.
If someone isn’t following the game plan, and they know what they are supposed to be doing, you must hold them accountable.
Correction shouldn’t be embarrassing for the one being instructed. Take them aside, show them what they need to do to improve, and get them back out to try again.
When correcting a wrong action, you should do so in private (preferred) and train them.
Don’t try to break your team’s individual personalities. Instead, guide those personalities towards how they best fit into your system.
Galvanize: Shock or inspire someone, usually into taking action.
People get encouraged by results! In other words, people get encouraged to continue when they can see their efforts are making an impact.
“You have two arms, two legs, everything you need for success.” –George Washington Carver
The members of an organization will draw people in or push them away more than the mission of the organization.
As a leader, focus on being the force that draws people into your business.
Place rules for your company based on protecting the health of your company, not on one person’s opinion or viewpoint.
If you have the framework for a healthy culture in your company, having a diverse set of people will be beneficial, because their different viewpoints will lead to different feedback, ideas, etc.
Expressing different opinions can help the company grow and should be encouraged, until it starts to negatively affect the work or the culture.
Find people that are sensitive to the people you are catering to. Beyond that, greater diversity among your team adds value to your company.

What Sales Is-Not

salesWhat Sales is-NOT:
1) Sales is NOT just for Good Talkers (only).
Good talkers often choose to become sales professionals. Unfortunately, they don’t understand that selling well means listening well.”- Jerry Vass (Author of Soft Selling in a Hard World)
The difference between being good at sales and being a good talker is that you have to understand what the need is before you can provide the value. In other words, you have to know what they are looking for before you can allow them the opportunity to get what you have.
Ask Questions because high level sales is dominated by Great listeners and not Great talkers. You have to talk with your customer, not at your customer. To find out what their needs are, you MUST listen (attentively). Sometimes, to be the best communicator, you have to be the best listener and to do that, you have to SHUT UP! You have to stop and listen so you’ll know where to go next.
Asking open-ended questions provides you the opportunity to find out information about your customer that they wouldn’t normally tell you.
You could use two types of openings to make a sale.
E.g. 1 – “Did you know that 70% of people that try a medication and it doesn’t work will never ever try one again?
E.g. 2 – “Dr. Corey, are you wearing socks today because what I’m about to tell you today is going to knock your socks off?!
When you find that Grumpy ‘kinda’ guy, here’s how you deal with him.
E.g. 1 – “Ok… Sir, I know you have very limited time on your schedule and I want to value that time for you right now so I’m going to talk to you about three things today. I wanna talk to you about
2. Why our company is the best at what it does.
3. How it’s going to change your life and make you look awesome.
Talk to someone about themselves and they’ll listen for hours.”- Dale Carnegie
When you let people talk about themselves, it gives them a sense of comfort and when you clearly state what you’re there for, it allows people to say “Alright, this is not going to take very long.”
Stating why you are there and asking open-ended questions tells your customer that you value their time and can make them feel important.
Some of the ways to get your already known client talking is this:
E.g. “Brian, if you could wave a magic wand and change three things that I do that you don’t like and take ’em away and then, wave back the magic wand and say take these three things and make ’em better, what would you do?
In other words, asking your customers how you can improve will make them like you more (because you value their opinion) and give you valuable insight as to what they really want.
The sandwich approach is when you let the customer know what you do well, but you also ask them how to provide them with a better service.
What Sales is-NOT:
2.) Sales is not about who can be the most aggressive.
Selling is problem solving, not hustling. Aggressiveness propels you into the mean streets, but ruins sales.“- Jerry Vass
A great salesman adapts his pitch to his client’s needs and personality.
What Sales is-NOT:
3.) Sales is not talking at people.
Most salespeople won’t stop talking long enough to let the buyer make a decision.“- Jerry Vass
How can one take the center of attention off of themselves and put it on the client? It’s a Mentality first. No one cares about you until you show you care about them first. Invest in their life. Ask them questions about what’s important to them and sit back and take the student approach. Let them be the teacher.
Insider Tip: You can use a pen to direct the attention of your customer and allow you to read your information in a way that is interactive.
When somebody is speaking, a great way that you can show value without telling them is to write down what they’re saying. In other words, writing things down shows customers that you value what they are saying.
What Sales is-NOT:
4.) Sales is not warfare.
Many salespeople feel that selling is warfare: The buyer is the enemy and words are ammunition…The seller’s advances are turned aside because they are so predictable, amateurish and easily deflected.“- Jerry Vass
Approach each customer with the idea of helping them solve a problem or achieve a goal, not of selling a product or service.“- Brian Tracy
What can one do to keep focused on solving problem rather than approaching sales as a form of warfare just like most sales people?
1. Find the Need first. Sales is simply providing options to meet a client’s needs.
2. When dealing with new prospects, get to know them as a person before you get to know them as a buyer.
NOTE THIS: The majority of people that have the money to buy a product come from a time where a valuable relationship meant more than just a sale. Let INTEGRITY be a Goal in your Business.
It doesn’t take a ton of time or money to connect with someone on a personal level. Something as simple as a handwritten note will stand out and make people remember you.
If your customers feel like you have made some sort of connection on a personal level they will remember you.

Thinking Sales Accurately With The Team

team-workWhen addressing concerns with your business or employees, it’s important to be candid. In other words, honest and straight to the point. If your team is emotionally unstable or acting out of fear might have an impact on the buyers.
People don’t buy just on logic. They justify with logic, they buy with emotion.” If your emotions are that you are afraid and that you’re selling out of desperation, your clients are going to feel it and then, they are NOT going to buy.
Customers and buyers can tell when you are actually trying to help them, and when you are just trying to make the sale.
You need to always ask yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing. Look for every meaningful bit of what you do and why it will benefit someone else. Think of your product(s) or service(s) and how it will honestly benefit other people. Picture what it is like to own or use that type of product.
Get this clearly in your own mind because the clearer it gets to you, the more it will be felt by them and the less desperate you will sound as you’re selling. You don’t have to urge people. You don’t have to do all the old power manipulations that are known. In other words, the clearer your product’s benefits are to you, the clearer they will be to your customers.
Know this; that the emotional state of mind we possess has to do with everything. Get your employees to realize the value of what they are doing and to focus on helping people. They will do it will confidence and beauty. The results will be tremendous.
NOTE: Selling is helping people solve their problems and if you can’t do it profitably you can’t keep doing it. So, profit is noble thing and not a greedy thing.
The main thing is to enlist the support of your team in finding a way to get past what’s freaking them out. I mean, if your team is getting easily spooked, then it’s either they don’t feel safe or they don’t find meaning in what they are doing or they are afraid of you, the Boss.
Find out what it is causing your customer not to buy. Celebrate the big and small victories.

Never Make A Cold Call Again

cold callingRelationship Selling – The Key to Getting and Keeping Customers” – Jim Cathcart
The purpose of a “cold call” is to find out if you can help. A customer is worth the profit on what they buy.
Cold Call – A telephone call soliciting business made directly to a potential customer without prior contact or without a lead. Cold is something that we, the salesperson or sales manager imposes on the call.
When you change your language, you influence your thinking and as you influence your thinking, you go towards whatever it is you’re talking about.
Look for people with problems that you can solve. What is the reason for calling? It is to find out who you can help and a way to help them.
While making sales calls] profit is a wonderful thing, but it is not the reason why you are calling. If you can’t help them you have no reason to ask for their money.” What’s the purpose of selling? It is helping people out of profit. If you don’t make a profit, you have to stop doing it.
Ample Example: “Hey, I’m Great. (The Financial Advisor that dropped by your office the other day). I help people solve problems that involves Financial Services like Investing in the right place and emphasizing on the best way they can reach a Financial Goal and Independence. If you will let me, I would love to talk with you on the kind of things that are giving you problems and we will find a solution for it.
If you never make a cold call again, can you still make a sales call? Absolutely! Can you make a sales call that are not expected to people who have never heard of you? Absolutely!
How do you make new calls? The same way you used to make cold calls but without the attitude.
When you change the mindset about something, you change the behavior that emerges from it.
What’s the most important thing that you can do? Bring happiness into their world. Your products and services should sincerely improve the lives of your customers.
Look at every call as an opportunity to make their world a little bit better and how do you do that?
Steps to make people’s world better while selling:
  1. Be appropriately cheerful.
  2. Be genuinely interested in their needs – The people who are most interested in you, you find to be the most interesting and so do your customers.
  3. Do your homework in advance – Set them up so that you recognize the purpose of the call. The purpose of the call is rarely to make a sale. The purpose of a new call is not to make a sale. In some instances, it might be.
NOTE: The purpose of the first call is to find out if you can help and who you should be talking with.
Say things like, “I focus on these types of needs and solving these types of problems with people and I’ll to ask you a couple of questions to find out if i can help you today.
This is how you know you’re going to be able to truly solve the person’s problems. After this, you have shown to take interest in them. Please, do schedule a time to follow-up but information while you’re there and make sure that the information you’ve gathered makes it easier for you to make a sale the next time you contact them.
When you’re making a sale and you don’t seem intrusive i.e. like you’re trying to take their time, they’ll listen.
Ask Yourself
Am I phrasing my questions too aggressively? Say things like “May i ask you a question?” NOT “Let me ask you a question?