How To Structure An Effective Presentation

A strong presentation gives people confidence in you and your ability to deliver your product. A presentation is just a form of showing your prospect the features, benefits, and values of your business.

Have you ever heard of A.I.D.A.? It stands for AttentionInterestDesireAction

This is a sales acronym for steps toward people buying. First, you gotta get their Attention. Then, an Interest is simulated of course. Provoke a Desire to buy then get them to take Action to solve that problem.


However, there’s more to a presentation than that. It all starts with what you have to present and why they will care about seeing or listening to the presentation. It all comes down to WHY?

WHY’ is a big one. Why should you even talk and Why should they listen? Through all the jargon sales people talk, there is one fundamental line that distinguishes it all, MAKING A CUSTOMER’S LIFE BETTER. Period. End of Story. Close the Book.

NOTE: Your job as a salesperson is to provide value to your customers while still making a profit for yourself. If you get this part, then everything else will fall into place by themselves.

The customer will not care how much you know until they know that you care. The No. 1 thing a customer wants is for you to show them you care. When you stand to give a presentation, you gotta show them you care. You gotta be interested enough in them to be prepared. You gotta be interested enough in them to be well structured. Work them through the main value of what you are presenting to them.

If possible, tell a story that illustrates each of your points elaborately (This will help the client understand the point more clearly) and then summarizes the points once again and focuses on the value that they will get from your product or service. Finally, ask for the order assuming it’s a Sale.

KNOW THIS: Whenever you are telling a story, be each of the characters in your story. You need to behave consistently how you would expect your listeners to respond or react towards that character.

An Effective Presentation

An Effective Presentation


How can you build a Business without even Closing? Let’s start by you reexamining what you’re doing.

NOTE: If you view sales as war, you will have a lot of dead customers.

PONDER: The Industrial Revolution was the transition to new manufacturing processes in the period from about 1760 to sometime between 1820 and 1840.

When you make a sale, you are not “closing” as the term goes. Instead, you are starting a relationship full of opportunities and responsibilities. In other words, the customer is simply confirming their commitment to receiving the products or services you are selling.

One might argue. “Yeah! Whatever. Those are just words” Good for them. They are words but, they are NOT just words.

By the way, what are words? Words are sounds that indicate meaning and if you interchange words, they might portray different meanings. Therefore, use words that mean the right things and make it a mission to be of value to your prospect or customer.

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How To Make A Quality Content Go Viral

26 Ways To Make Your Content Go Viral ( by Patrick Bet-David)

Viral Content

Viral Content

  • Tell A Story – Like a Movie, Remind me of a Time in my Life.
  • Know Your Audience – The more specific your audience, the more it goes viral because you’re able to give birth to more loyal followers.
  • Be Specific of Outcome – Give a Clear Message.
  • Loved or Hated but not Liked – Create a Sense of Balance. You are either one or the another.
  • Volume – Create a Ton of Good Content.
  • Avoid ME TOO Content – Stop focusing too much on yourself.
  • Consistency – Your drive will determine how far you can keep going.
  • Keep Growing Your Fan Base – Growth is the basic purpose of life.
  • Timing – Match Calendars like Holidays, Movie Opening, Super Bowl, Academy Awards, Inauguration, Debate, Fight.
  • Have influencers on your Side – One influential person can reach 10 million, Addicted to Success.
  • Study Human Nature – Understand People because people follow people, not things.
  • Bigger Net – The bigger your net, the more chance you have of your stuff going viral.
  • Try different Outlets – As you grow, things will change. You must adapt to improving. If you do not, you will be left in the past.
  • Don’t Be General – To be like everybody else.
  • Catchy Title VS Searchable Title – A catchy title may be more effective when you have a bigger following than a searchable title. With a smaller platform, I recommend the searchable title.
  • Length of time or Length of article – It’s a Myth.
  • Entertain – Create a sense of art that makes your audience to relax.
  • Call to Action – Encourage your audience to act upon your request. Tell them to Tag, Share etc.
  • Accessibility – Make your work accessible to your fans.
  • Be Real Genuine – The transparency that you display could be your breakthrough.
  • Be Visual – Paint a graphical representation of the subject you are displaying. Make it easy for your audience to see it in their mind’s eye.
  • Be Vulnerable – Loosen up.
  • Don’t try to go Viral – Intent to Inspire, Create Good Content (if it goes viral, it goes viral).
  • Cup of Coffee Mentality – Simply don’t take things for granted.
  • Luck – There is just some sort of uncontrollable power we can’t control that happen around us.
  • Miracle – Every unfortunate event could be turned to bring joy into our lives. This is bringing back the natural to its original state. Often times even a better state.

Take a sheet of paper and make a list of things you like to talk about. Then, write down the ones you’re good at. Based on these, rank the top three. Which one are you the most passionate about and the three things you are an expert on? Find the one and have your passion be linked to the one that you are an expert in.

Crippled Music Prodigy Was Born Without Eyes

This is simply the story of Patrick Henry Hughes, a young music prodigy born without eyes and with tightened limbs that were said to never straighten. He was born blind and crippled and when they ask him, “How would you describe your disabilities?”, he simply replied “Not disabilities at all. More abilities!Oh My Goodness! That, I assure you, is the response of the century! I mean, there is nothing more to say to it.

This fella closed the book. I tell you, there is NOTHING you cannot accomplish if you put your heart and mind to it. Fairy tales aside, this is one heck of a story. Well, let it inspire you, motivate you and shake you as you observe the light in the story.

Police Officer buys Groceries for Shoplifter

This is the story of Justice and Compassion mixed in with it. A police officer catches a woman who shoplifted $300 worth of groceries. She questioned her intentions and as you watch the video, you’ll understand why. It is a cruel world out there but more importantly, people fail to see the light of goodness in it. Why? I assure you that there is plenty amount of good out there.You just have to open your eyes to see them. When we see people who show love, not in words but in actions, it ignites something powerful in us to live through the pain and sorrow we feel. However, more importantly, we should extend the same kindness to people who are.

You just have to open your eyes to see them. When we see people who show love, not in words but in actions, it ignites something powerful in us to live through the pain and sorrow we feel. However, more importantly, we should extend the same kindness to people who are desperately in need of it especially one who least deserve it.

Homeless Man gets $1,000 for Honesty

Is it the fickleness of man’s nature or just the simple but complicated notion of not being loved that drives us to do evil? Well, first of all, man does NOT have a “fickle” nature and secondly, it is true that being un-loved could drive one to do knowingly wrong things especially in the midst of absolute lack BUT even in this unwanted and undesired situation, there are Men who live with utmost dignity, upright integrity and heart-felt honesty like in the video you are about to watch now.

This is the story of a Homeless man who in midst of his struggle still had that glow of truthfulness and compassion which we can rarely find in human beings today. We have so much hurt and evil being broadcasted to us on a daily basis but today is one that truly makes a difference.

Teacher Born with Down Syndrome defies Norm

This is an amazing story of Bryann Burgess, a young lady born with Down Syndrome and becomes a teacher. How lovely is that? There is NO limit to what you can do. If she can do it, can’t we all? As you see this truly positive story, take your mind off the negativity for one moment and focus on the beauty of the good we have in our world today. I am thrilled to share this story and so should you.

World’s First Licensed Armless Pilot and She’s Female Too

Say what you must because nothing you say can excuse you for failing in life. This is a story of Jessica Cox, the World’s first Licensed Armless Pilot and guess what, she’s a lady too. Notwithstanding that she’s a black belt holder. Watch Out fellas! “Don’t mess with the Cox” or she’ll ruin you.

This is in a world where things could be considered extremely difficult and impossible to do, Men and Women of substance defy that norm everyday. It can only get better with time but only for the person who distinctly takes it upon themselves to become more than just ordinary. They become Extraordinary. They are our living superheroes, I dare say.

Young Lady Born without Legs becomes Great Gymnast

Just when you think that it can’t get any better than that, you get blown off your feet. This is a story of Jennifer Bricker, a Gymast born without legs rises up to become one of the greatest people we can proudly say are heroes. She had this fascination with gymastics at a very young age without even realizing where it would lead her. Her parents abandoned her at the hospital because of her deformity and a God sent family took her in and raised her as their own. What manner of love is that?

Jennifer had this childhood idol by the name Dominique Moceanu. She was a gymnast too. It happened that this childhood idol turned out to be her blood sister. Is that coincedence or what? Some say, “Coincedence is God’s way of remaining anonymous” It may or may not be true but in this story, we learn that anything is possible.

Man Born with Head Upside Down defies Odds

This is the amazing story of Claudio Vieira de Oliveira, a thirty-seven (37) year old Brazillian man born with extreme disabilities which include an upside-down head and a complete limitation to the use of his arms and legs.

Today, he is an Inspirational public speaker who travels the globe to speak. Doctors call his condition Congenital Arthrogryposis – a condition where a person is born with contractures or joints permanently fixed in a bent or straightened position.

These multiple joint contractures in Claudio’s legs and arms prevent him from extending them properly. The condition is seemingly thought to be associated with decreased movement or limited space in the uterus, connective tissue disorders, or maternal illness which sometimes occurs as part of a genetic syndrome (according to the Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center).

In a fascinating way, this extraordinary young man has completely changed the way we see ourselves. Claudio had never contemplated giving up on life yet most people get so tired of life that they commit suicide. How sad?!

In fact (according to the Daily Minor report), he states “Throughout my life, I was able to adapt my body to the world. Right now, I don’t see myself as being different. I am a normal person. Nowadays, it’s much easier to deal with the public, I’m not afraid of it anymore and I can say that I am a professional, international public speaker and that I receive invitations from all over the world.” How much more fascinating could it be?!

We want you to be uplifted and see that your life is not the worst there is. There are worse lives than yours out there but when you keep focusing on how terrible your life is, it sure will be TERRIBLE!

The Good Deeds of Love

This is the story of three (3) siblings; Derek, Anageli and Miladi who are respectively eight (8) years old, six (6) and eighteen (18) months old. There are children suffering and without anybody to love on them or help but this beautiful ministry called, What Matters Ministries and founded by Ivan Tait goes a long way to take in these helpless kids and feed them, even educate them to any level they choose to go. How amazingly awesome is that?! This is the kind of love story we love to tell. That of love and compassion.

These kids originally lived with parents who violently abused them. Their father worked as a professional assasin and their mother, a thief and murderer. When both parents were incarcerated for their crimes, these poor children had to move in with their grandmother and still the physical abuse did not cease.

the-three-siblingsDerek’s scared face or Anageli’s fear of strangers is now a glimpse into their past. Now, these kids are taken in and are warming up to the safe envionment which Casa Angelina and its staff provides. In fact, they are full of appetite, sweet smiles and play perfectly well with the rest of the kids. Derek is reported to spend most of his free time riding a bike he borrows from another boy. Such Beauty and Amazing Grace!

If you want to be part of their ministry, please feel free to contact their ministry